There are over 30M entrepreneurs in the US market alone, and an additional 71M jobs are estimated to be lost by 2025 due to AI, creating 71M new entrepreneurs. Of those 30M entrepreneurs currently existing, 98.1% earn less than $1M annually. And 86% of that 98.1% earn less than $100,000 per year. According to NerdWallet.com

Here at HighTicketOfferFinancing.com, we understand the struggles Entrepreneurs face. From raising capital and marketing your business to developing strong internal workflows and improving the relationship between you and your new customers, all of these things are essential for the growth and sustainability of your business.

We created HighTicketOfferFinancing.com as the ultimate automation resource for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and automation companies in any industry. We offer an array of products, such as:

  • Structuring your LLCs and Corporations to receive business funding
  • Connecting you with the right merchants that will provide you with Merchant Cash Advances for your marketing efforts
  • Restructuring your product pricing so you can earn $50,000 or more with one sale
  • $0 down consumer financing for your customers to pay for your products and services, up to $3M per product
  • Business funding up to $3M
  • Personal funding up to $450,000
  • 100% credit card liquidations
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Closers for your products and services
  • On-Demand Graphic Design
  • On-Demand website development 
  • Legal Document Templates
  • Strategic marketing personnel
  • Customer support staff for your business
  • Weekly Q&A calls with successful entrepreneurs in multiple industries
  • Company deck templates to help your customers in their decision-making process
  • Insurance professionals to help protect and grow your earned capital
  • And more

With the exponential growth of AI upon us, you have no time to mess around. Another 71M jobs will be lost by 2025, which means 71M new potential competitors. You need to focus 100% of your energy on driving more leads and earning more capital. 

Let High Ticket Offer Financing and its staff help you handle the heavy lifting so that you can be one of the winners during the guaranteed struggles ahead. 

Book an appointment now to speak to one of our professionals to learn more about our products and services.

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